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Our Montreal based partner focuses on pesticide free yarns, like bamboo. Ensuring they reach the highest Canadian environmental requirements, all their fabrics are processed by the strictest ecological methods, while their dye house exceeds defined city limits to filter and recycle water, meeting requirements of Probe certification.

We are positive that you also want to embrace these strict standards so ensuring the health of both our Canadian workers and your environment.

Cork Fabric

In the forefront of the materials revolution, cork is one of the greenest alternatives there is. It is waterproof, elastic, resistant and unique in its appearance. Supporting cork harvest is supporting nature! In fact, While the cork is growing it is capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

But it gets more interesting: each time the cork is harvested, the tree absorbs more CO2 to aid in the bark regeneration process.

Pineapple leather

This innovative textile inserts itself in a true spirit of circular economy. Our partner Piñatex collaborates with Philipino Pineapple farmers which earn a living from their crops. Together, they have created a beautiful, truly sustainable leather like material, from pineapples leaves which would have otherwise been burned.

It allows the farmers to improve their quality of life by generating an extra income and it beneficial for our planet.

Waxed canvas

We collaborate with the world’s leading innovators, manufacturers and suppliers specialized in weatherproofed canvas. Their creations are made in their Baltic Works plant in Dundee, Scotland, UK since 1864.

Ethically Warm

a Montreal based start-up

Aiming to disturb the famously polluting and unethical fashion industry. We aim to prove that it is possible to be fashionable, sustainable and ethical. In fall 2019, we are launching our winter collection KØ, offering vegan ecological and biodegradable jackets and accessories. We are currently finishing our prototypes and will be proudly producing in Montreal, Canada.

Our first collection will include quilted jacket, gloves and scarves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to democratize the access
to sustainable products, without compromising
style and warmth.

Did you know that

on average, there are 12 geese and one coyote in a winter jacket?

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